Off-Highway Expertise

Off-Highway Expertise

In the last 25 years, DISTek engineers have completed more than 250 modeling, embedded and test solutions for a wide variety of off-highway vehicles, including those in the agricultural, construction, and forestry industries. Taking a comprehensive view of the entire development cycle, DISTek helps its customers reduce time and cost for their projects up to 50% by allowing them to quickly deploy accurate, reliable, and efficient systems. DISTek engineers bring their depth of experience to each new application and are respected around the world, having been asked to share their expertise at events including SAE ComVec, NIWeek, and the Ag Machinery Conference.

Featured Off-Highway Projects

  • Redesigning an IVT Drive Strategy with Advanced Controls

    Customer Challenge: Redesign an infinitely variable transmission (IVT) drive strategy for easy user operability and an efficient use of power.

    DISTek Solution: Replaced the drive lever in an existing vehicle and control the brake and clutch input to achieve an efficient transmission gear ratio and engine speed. Used the on-vehicle display for easy-to-use system operation and feature configuration.

    Development platform: Embedded C

  • Software Control System for an Agricultural Vehicle

    Customer Challenge: Create a control system and complex architecture software system for an articulated, large-scale service vehicle with a new transmission, engine, and other features.

    DISTek Solution: Used MBSD to develop the algorithms and application software for this vehicle. Developed a plant model in parallel allowing for simulation of the vehicle before it even existed.

    Development platform: Embedded C

  • Autonomous Utility Vehicle

    Customer Challenge: Produce software for a fully autonomous vehicle for military and security applications.

    DISTek Solution: Used drive-by-wire technology that allows the vehicle to operate in hostile or repetitive environments, ultimately freeing the operator for other mission-critical tasks. This new system was developed, tested, and successfully demonstrated.

    Development platform: Embedded C

  • Fuel Injection System

    Customer Challenge: Develop a test bench solution to simulate an 8-cylinder diesel engine to allow for microsecond control of fuel delivery and measurement.

    DISTek Solution: Used NIs DRIVVEN tools, PXI, and LabVIEW to create an application able to control the injection events including the electrical profile for the event, the rail pressure control, and measurement of delivered fuel per injection.

    Development platform: NI PXI, NI LabVIEW

DISTek Experience

1992: Matt Dickinson, an electrical engineer in the agricultural, aerospace, and factory automation sectors, opens the doors of DISTek Integration, Inc.

1997: During its 5th year in business, DISTek takes its customer-centric approach a step further by placing engineers on-site to work side-by-side with customers.

1999: DISTek opens it's Cedar Falls Development office.

2002: Celebrating 10 years in business and now with over 35 employees, the Verification and Automation (V&A) Lab is formed at DISTek to meet customers’ growing design and test needs.

2007: DISTek celebrates 15 years in business and surpasses the 65 employee mark.

2011: DISTek is home to the region’s top engineering software developers that specialize in modeling, embedded, and test applications for ECUs, electro-hydraulic controls, and vehicle network systems.

2012: DISTek celebrates 20 years in business and surpasses the 90 employee mark.

2013: To meet the demands of our growing customer base, DISTek opens an office in Fargo, ND.

2014: DISTek becomes an ESOP, with employees owning 30% of the company.

2015: With the increased demands for our services, DISTek opens development offices in both Des Moines, Iowa and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

2017: DISTek celebrates 25 years in business and surpasses the 100 employee mark.

2019: DISTek becomes 100% employee owned!