DISTek Integration, Inc. provides a high-tech, challenging, and productive work environment while still retaining a small business atmosphere. We are a company that upholds family values and common sense-two things that we believe will always carry us through the exciting challenges and opportunities we face.

We hire talented, innovative thinkers who have the drive and ambition to help our company grow. Whether it's listening to new product ideas or expanding our services, our management loves to hear novel input from our employees and encourages our team to think outside of the box. This is what has helped to grow us over the past 20 plus years into a 100+ employee company with continual growth goals

In addition to benefits that encourage employee growth such as catalytic coaching and training, we also offer many intangible benefits such as those of working for a smaller company. We invest in fun events throughout the year-whether it is fine dining at our annual holiday party or grilling out at a company picnic, our employees are proud and pleased to be members of our growing teams and communities.

Below is a list of current openings. Please click a link to learn more about each position. 

We also use our career page to connect with engineers and students in our industry. So if you are interested in learning more or want to tell us what you are looking for in a career or internship, please email us at

Our administrative team also have an opening for a HR Generalist to join our company at our Cedar Falls, IA office. To learn more, please click the link below. 

HR Generalist job description:

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                                          Why Work for DISTek?  

Leadership Says:

  • Teams of empowered and engaged employee-owners
  • 8+ year average employee tenure
  • Recognized by major global off-highway equipment manufacturers as a trusted provider of engineering solution
  • Exposure to new challenges and emerging technology
  • Business stability with over 26 years of industry leading experience
  • Dedicated employees who share a passion for making DISTek the best place to work
  • Expanding company presence in the Midwest, including several top ranked cities to work and live
  • Team of in-house experts that are recognized in the industries we serve
  • Support for the next generation of engineers (or technologists)

 The Team Says:

  • Common sense business approach
  • Cohesive work relationships built upon mutual success
  • Leadership is committed to continual listening and learning from employees
  • Engaging global platform projects, with a tight-knit family work atmosphere
  • Employee input and opinions are valued and drive continuous improvement
  • Individualized work/life balance to accommodate each employee with potential remote work options
  • Career growth training opportunities
  • Family-oriented business mentality
  • Invested leadership that takes an active approach in employee growth
  • Generous benefit package to support the well-being of our employees and their families

                  What do DISTek employees say about their company? 

  • “My job gives me ample opportunity to solve problems that others find challenging, which gives me a significant sense of self-worth. Also, it gives me lots of opportunities to learn new skills which I love to do.”
  • “DISTek empowers me to use my full potential by direct contact with company leads and flexible time schedule. They have faith in my abilities and in my desire to do what is best for the company and the other employees.”
  • “My manager supports individual growth plans, they allow me to choose what I may want to learn with encouragement, not demands. I am given the space, authority, and responsibility to do my job as I see fit.” 
  • “All of the technical training I have received from DISTek has been valuable, and more importantly it has been immediately relevant. I feel that if I needed some kind of training to do my job, DISTek would find a way to provide it.”
  • “Small companies that are in growth mode go through growing pains - and I think DISTek is almost a poster child for that. The continued growth and almost endless opportunity keeps the challenges alive particularly from an administrative and management perspective. Growing with the company has been and continues to be rewarding.”
  • “Different points of view are encouraged at DISTek by each member of the team tackling problems from slightly different angles, with no way being better or worse than the others, but when all of the perspectives are combined a allows for better solutions to be created.”
  • “DISTek does a great job integrating with their customer’s team; it feels as if there is no separation between the two groups working together”
  • “I would recommend working at DISTek because of the good people who work there and also because I believe in the passion behind the vision. I do think DISTek customers are happy with our services.”
  • “I feel highly loyal to DISTek because of the personal attention and investment that my manager has made in me. During a period in which I was struggling to fulfill customer expectations, my manager reached out to me and worked with me to get me back on track. A less caring manager could've simply reprimanded me and left me to fend for myself”

*Quotes are from the 2018 Employee Engagement Survey


Featured DISTek Expert




VP-Business Development

Technical Strengths:

C, C++, CAN, SAE J1939, Matlab, Simulink, Digital Signal Processing

Past Experience

Autonomous steering for agricultural equipment using GPS or feeler-sensors; electro-hydraulic steering controls for joystick-driven loaders; hydrostatic transmission controls.

DISTek Employee Since:


What I love about my job:

I enjoy learning, and the experts with whom I work provide me ample opportunity to do so. I also enjoy solving problems of many kinds, and am often given the opportunity to delve into a mechanical or hydraulic problem outside my primary area of electrical expertise.

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