DISTek Integration, Inc. provides a high-tech, challenging, and productive work environment while still retaining a small business atmosphere. We are a company that upholds family values and common sense-two things that we believe will always carry us through the exciting challenges and opportunities we face.

We hire talented, innovative thinkers who have the drive and ambition to help our company grow. Whether it's listening to new product ideas or expanding our services, our management loves to hear novel input from our employees and encourages our team to think outside of the box. This is what has helped to grow us over the past 20 plus years into a 100+ employee company with continual growth goals

In addition to benefits that encourage employee growth such as catalytic coaching and training, we also offer many intangible benefits such as those of working for a smaller company. We invest in fun events throughout the year-whether it is fine dining at our annual holiday party or grilling out at a company picnic, our employees are proud and pleased to be members of our growing teams and communities.

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Anonymous quotes from our 2015 employee survey...

"I work for great people, and a company that I 100% believe in. I want to grow at DISTek, and by doing so it's success will also be my success."

"DISTek is diversifying into products (as opposed to services)--this allows engineers to exercise our creative potential for our own product, and enables us to deliver value to the company by working smarter as opposed to working more/longer."

"It is very much a "we" at DISTek. We work with each other rather than for the company. That tone is set by the people we have, our management, and the way we work together."

"As a small company without too many ladders, it is much easier to access management which makes me feel that any efforts I make to be productive is noticed appropriately."

"I appreciate being able to rely on my co-workers for support and knowing that they can rely on me. We are a team."

"I am encouraged to mentor and share my knowledge and expertise."

"My manager gives me enough autonomy to do my job without introducing unnecessary hurdles while also providing help when I need it."

Featured DISTek Expert



Technical Strengths:

Avionics mechanics, systems engineering

Specialty Application Area

BS-Software Engineering, AA-Electronics Engineering, Certified LabVIEW Architect, Certified Professional Instructor, LabVIEW Champion

Past Experience

Avionics mechanics, systems engineering.

DISTek Employee Since:


What I love about my job:

At DISTek, I am part of a variety of different projects, which keeps me constantly learning and applying different practices to new challenges. In addition, I am part of complete processes, from architecting a new test system to implementing it and training customers on their new interface.

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