Training Courses

Training Courses

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ISOBUS Training Courses

ISOBUS is the standard for communication between Ag equipment devices from different manufacturers. ISOBUS enables features like a common GUI, data logging, and precision Ag features such as section-control and variable-rate application.

            ISOBUS for Engineers – The Basics

This lecture-style course introduces the entire ISOBUS ecosystem at a high-level. The course will cover the ISO 11783 standard, the activities of the AEF, and the state of commercial tools available for use in developing ISOBUS applications.

            ISOBUS for Engineers – The VT-Client Applications

This lab-style course provides an opportunity for hands-on development of example GUI screens - the ISOBUS feature known as VT- or UT-Client. The course covers creation of object pools, configuration of an application, triggering information updates to the VT, and handling inputs from the VT.


Modeling & Simulation Training Courses

Contact Teri to be put on the waiting list for an upcoming session.

Intro to Modeling & Simulation - Mathworks’ MATLAB®, Simulink®, & Stateflow®

2-day course intended for beginner level users of modeling tools with experience in software development. Provides a basic introduction to Simulink and Stateflow block sets. Hands on with demos and in depth exercises.


Embedded Training Courses

Electrical Engineering & Off-Highway Embedded Primer

Short, introductory course in a variety of electrical topics that affect off-highway embedded systems.


Functional Safety Training Courses

Coming Soon:  Introduction to IEC 61508 and ISO 25119. 

Contact Ashley to be put on the registration list.


Training Facility 

DISTek has one of the few National Instruments certified training facilities in the state of Iowa.  As such, DISTek is called upon to host several National Instruments software products training courses throughout the year.  Please contact us if you are in need of training or need a high quality facility in which to conduct your own company training.

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Certified LabVIEW Architect, Certified NI TestStand Architect, System Engineering, Software Engineering

Past Experience

Design and implementation of systems capable of performing automated verification and validation for laboratory and manufacturing environments, industrial control systems, data acquisition and analysis.

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The range of projects and challenges keeps my work both interesting and rewarding. I enjoy working collaboratively with a knowledgeable team where I can learn new skills and tackle particularly challenging tasks.

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