VIRTEC ISOBUS Software Library


DISTek VIRTEC is an ISO 11783-compliant software library for agricultural manufacturers to enable vehicle-to-implement communication via virtual terminal consoles.

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VIRTEC Overview

VIRTEC is DISTek's ISO11783 compliant software library for implement controllers allowing communication with any tractor's ISOBUS display. VIRTEC provides ready-made software implementing the ISO standard while allowing full customization of OEM applications. Manufacturers are able to display information, control machine functions and develop innovative technology while maintaining full control of their intellectual property. With VIRTEC you can "Make your implement color blind®"

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
  • Supports ISO 11783-6 for Version 3 Working Sets, excluding Annex J Auxiliary Control
  • Compatible with most microcontroller platforms, operating systems, and ANSI C99 compilers for C and C++ applications
  • Operates on 12 KB RAM, 48 KB program ROM, and a minimum of 256 KB data ROM for ISOBUS object pools
  • Integrates with existing or custom developed application code, CAN device drivers, and microcontroller and RTOS-specific code
  • Includes API documentation, quick start guide, example application, and complete support options
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VIRTEC Brochure
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Technical Datasheet
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View detailed specifications about VIRTEC, licensing, and support options.
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Support and Services
The optional VIRTEC Annual Support and Maintenance Agreement includes phone and email support and software updates for new features and compliance to future ISO 11783 standard revisions. DISTek Integration also offers training to engineers on integrating VIRTEC, as well as complete custom development services to implement ISOBUS connectivity on any machine or implement. See the VIRTEC Software Support Agreement for full terms and conditions.

Licensing and Pricing
VIRTEC is available for a single upfront licensing fee with no royalties and full protection of intellectual property of all parties involved. VIRTEC software and documentation may be used for the licensed product and may not be given or sold to any third party. See the VIRTEC Software License Agreement for full terms and conditions.

For information on VIRTEC pricing and related support services, contact DISTek Integration.

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