Courier Interviews Jeremy Yoder

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier speaks with COO Jeremy Yoder on DISTek's dual milestone - 25 years in business and 20 years in the Cedar Valley. Click here to read the article.

Featured DISTek Expert




Senior Engineer

Technical Strengths:

C, C++, Perl, Ada, CAN, SAE J1939, ISO 11783, automation

Past Experience

Driver development for custom embedded OS, boot block supporting various processor architectures and compilers

DISTek Employee Since:


What I love about my job:

Few tasks are more exhilarating than moving something with software. Whether writing drivers or calling them, I enjoy the careful attention to detail required to make the product safe and reliable. Creating quality, maintainable, and reusable embedded software is my passion.

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