Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Responding to an industry need for more flexibility, scalability and control among implement manufacturers regarding ISOBUS compliance, DISTek Integration, Inc. has developed VIRTEC, a Virtual Terminal Client. VIRTEC is an ISO11783 compliant software library for implement controllers. Learn more as Gary Honey introduces VIRTEC in a video produced by Precision Farming Dealer. And check out Benjamin Jefferson explaining some additional features in this Precision Farming Dealer video. Or visit our VIRTEC ISOBUS page.

Features of VIRTEC include:

  • Hardware and operating system independent solution manufactures can license to use at their discretion
  • Single license, multi-reuse model
  • Allows manufacturers to receive updates as the standard evolves
  • Enables communication with any tractor’s ISOBUS display
  • Implementis ISO standard while allowing full customization for OEM applications
  • Manufacturers are able to display information, control machine functions and develop innovative technology while maintaining full control of intellectual property
  • Compatible with most microcontroller platforms, operating systems, and ANSI C99 compilers for C and C++ applications
  • Supports ISO 11783-6 for Version 3 Working Sets, excluding Annex J Auxiliary Control
  • Operates on 12 KB RAM, 48 KB program ROM, and a minimum of 256 KB data ROM for ISOBUS object pools
  • Integrates with existing or custom developed application code, CAN device drivers, and microcontroller and RTOS-specific code
  • Includes API documentation, quick start guide, example application, and complete support options

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Software Engineer

Technical Strengths:

C, MBSD, MATLAB, Simulink, Engine Control Systems, State Observer Controls, CAN/J1939, AUTOSAR

Past Experience

Semiconductor device physics and fabrication; Engine Control System Modeling; Fuel System Control Modeling

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I enjoy developing for and working with complex systems so as to make them manageable, understandable, and easy to reason about.

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