News and Events

2019-03-07 - Yoder Elected to AEM AG Sector Board
AEM has elected Jeremy Yoder, CEO of DISTek Integration Inc., to the AEM AG Sector Board.

2018-02-21 - Growth and Progress
An interview with COO Jeremy Yoder and VP Bob Theisen on DISTek's growth and progress.

2017-05-22 - Courier Interviews Jeremy Yoder
The WCF Courier interviews COO Jeremy Yoder on DISTek's 25th anniversary.

2017-03-25 - DISTek Celebrates 25 Years!
DISTek celebrates 25 years in business on March 25, 2017.

2016-09-20 - DISTek 2016 Employer of Choice
DISTek once again named an Employer of Choice in the Cedar Valley!

2016-03-01 - STW Technic Partnership
STW Technic and DISTek Partner to Provide ISOBUS Ccontrollers

2015-12-22 - Holiday Tradition
Adopting families is a holiday tradition at DISTek.

2015-09-14 - DISTek 2015 Iowa Top Workplace
DISTek selected as one of Iowa's Top Workplaces in 2015.

2015-09-08 - DISTek Employer of Choice 2015
DISTek is honored to be named an Employer of Choice in the Cedar Valley.

2015-07-10 - DISTek Open House in Des Moines
Ribbon Cutting/Open House at newest DISTek Office in Des Moines, IA

2015-02-22 - New Office in Des Moines
DISTek Opens New Office in Des Moines, IA

2014-09-30 - DISTek an Iowa Top Workplace
DISTek selected as one of Iowa's Top Workplaces in 2014.

2014-09-10 - DISTek Employer of Choice 2014
DISTek is once again honored to be named an Employer of Choice!

2013-10-30 - DISTek Autumn-2013 E-Newsletter
DISTek Autumn-2013 E-Newsletter

2013-10-01 - 2013 Demo Expo - ICUEE
Visit DISTek in booth 1828 at The Demo Expo - ICUEE.

2013-10-01 - 2013 SAE COMVEC
Visit DISTek in Booth 308 at the 2013 SAE COMVEC!

2013-09-23 - DISTek Named Top Workplace
The Des Moines Register selects DISTek as the 39th top workplace

2013-09-04 - VIRTEC ISOBUS Introduced!
DISTek Integration Inc. has developed VIRTEC, a Virtual Terminal Client.

2013-09-03 - DISTek Named an Employer of Choice
DISTek once again named an Employer of Choice in the Cedar Valley!

2013-05-06 - Visit us at AgMachinery Conference
Visit us at the Ag Machinery Conference in Waterloo.

2013-02-24 - DISTek at Work
Video and article that describes DISTek's work.

2013-02-23 - DISTek at home in Cedar Falls
Waterloo & Cedar Falls in position to become state leaders in technology

2013-01-11 - 2013 AG Connect Expo & Summit
Visit DISTek in Booth 5405 at the 2013 AG Connect Expo & Summit

2012-11-30 - DISTek now Blue Zones Worksite
DISTek Integration, Inc. Awarded Blue Zones Worksite Certification

2012-10-02 - SAE 2012 Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress
Visit DISTek in Booth 224 at SAE 2012 CommVEC

2012-09-09 - Local Companies on INC 2012 List
DISTek Makes INC2012 List!

2012-09-05 - DISTek Named an Employer of Choice
DISTek ranked 2nd in annual Employer of Choice awards.

2012-08-29 - DISTek Q3 2012 E-Newsletter
DISTek Q3 2012 E-Newsletter

2012-08-28 - DISTek Makes INC 5000 List
DISTek Integration, Inc. makes it on the 2012 Inc. 500|5000 List

2012-08-27 - DISTek Donates to Eye of the Needle
Over $700 Raised by DISTek Employees to Help Worthy Cause

2012-07-16 - DISTek Celebrating 20 Years
DISTek is celebrating 20 years in business with a year of events.

2012-03-19 - DISTek at Home in Industrial Park
DISTek is at home in the Cedar Falls Industrial Park since 2001.

2012-01-30 - DISTek Momentum in 2012
DISTek is looking to keep momentum going in 2012.

2012-01-19 - DISTek Announces NI Certifications
DISTek now has 16 NI certifications!

2011-12-19 - DISTek Supports Troops
DISTek contributes money to help send care packages to troops.

2011-11-10 - DISTek a Mathworks Integrator
DISTek Integration, Inc. is now a Mathworks Connections Partner!

2011-09-05 - DISTek Named #1 Employer of Choice
DISTek named Employer of Choice for 3rd year in a row.

2011-08-01 - DISTek Announces New Website
DISTek launches a newly designed website.

2011-05-03 - DISTek at Ag Machinery Conference
DISTek represented at Agriculture Machinery Conference in Waterloo, Iowa.

2010-09-06 - DISTek Named an Employer of Choice for 2010
DISTek ranked #9 in Cedar Valley Employers of Choice

2009-09-07 - DISTek Named an Employer of Choice for 2009
DISTek ranked 3rd in 2009 Employers of Choice.

2009-04-14 - DISTek Offers Business Plan Competition
Carthage development office offers business plan competition.

2009-04-01 - UNI and DISTek Cooperate on Solar Energy Research
DISTek teams with UNI to create organic solar cell test system.

2008-06-20 - DISTek Awarded Expansion Grant
DISTek expands office with help from State of Iowa grant.

2008-06-03 - $9,000 to Benefit Storm Victims
DISTek matching grant raises $9,000 for American Red Cross.

Featured DISTek Expert




VP-Business Development

Technical Strengths:

C, C++, CAN, SAE J1939, Matlab, Simulink, Digital Signal Processing

Past Experience

Autonomous steering for agricultural equipment using GPS or feeler-sensors; electro-hydraulic steering controls for joystick-driven loaders; hydrostatic transmission controls.

DISTek Employee Since:


What I love about my job:

I enjoy learning, and the experts with whom I work provide me ample opportunity to do so. I also enjoy solving problems of many kinds, and am often given the opportunity to delve into a mechanical or hydraulic problem outside my primary area of electrical expertise.

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