News and Events

2017-05-22 - Courier Interviews Jeremy Yoder
The WCF Courier interviews COO Jeremy Yoder on DISTek's 25th anniversary.

2017-03-25 - DISTek Celebrates 25 Years!
DISTek celebrates 25 years in business on March 25, 2017.

2016-09-20 - DISTek 2016 Employer of Choice
DISTek once again named an Employer of Choice in the Cedar Valley!

2016-03-01 - STW Technic Partnership
STW Technic and DISTek Partner to Provide ISOBUS Ccontrollers

2015-12-22 - Holiday Tradition
Adopting families is a holiday tradition at DISTek.

2015-09-14 - DISTek 2015 Iowa Top Workplace
DISTek selected as one of Iowa's Top Workplaces in 2015.

2015-09-08 - DISTek Employer of Choice 2015
DISTek is honored to be named an Employer of Choice in the Cedar Valley.

2015-07-10 - DISTek Open House in Des Moines
Ribbon Cutting/Open House at newest DISTek Office in Des Moines, IA

2015-02-22 - New Office in Des Moines
DISTek Opens New Office in Des Moines, IA

2014-09-30 - DISTek an Iowa Top Workplace
DISTek selected as one of Iowa's Top Workplaces in 2014.

2014-09-10 - DISTek Employer of Choice 2014
DISTek is once again honored to be named an Employer of Choice!

2014-09-03 - STEM Internships Paying Off
Iowa State Senator Jeff Danielson comments on STEM internships.

2013-10-30 - DISTek Autumn-2013 E-Newsletter
DISTek Autumn-2013 E-Newsletter

2013-10-01 - 2013 Demo Expo - ICUEE
Visit DISTek in booth 1828 at The Demo Expo - ICUEE.

2013-10-01 - 2013 SAE COMVEC
Visit DISTek in Booth 308 at the 2013 SAE COMVEC!

2013-09-23 - DISTek Named Top Workplace
The Des Moines Register selects DISTek as the 39th top workplace

2013-09-04 - VIRTEC ISOBUS Introduced!
DISTek Integration Inc. has developed VIRTEC, a Virtual Terminal Client.

2013-09-03 - DISTek Named an Employer of Choice
DISTek once again named an Employer of Choice in the Cedar Valley!

2013-05-06 - Visit us at AgMachinery Conference
Visit us at the Ag Machinery Conference in Waterloo.

2013-02-24 - DISTek at Work
Video and article that describes DISTek's work.

2013-02-23 - DISTek at home in Cedar Falls
Waterloo & Cedar Falls in position to become state leaders in technology

2013-01-11 - 2013 AG Connect Expo & Summit
Visit DISTek in Booth 5405 at the 2013 AG Connect Expo & Summit

2012-11-30 - DISTek now Blue Zones Worksite
DISTek Integration, Inc. Awarded Blue Zones Worksite Certification

2012-10-02 - SAE 2012 Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress
Visit DISTek in Booth 224 at SAE 2012 CommVEC

2012-09-09 - Local Companies on INC 2012 List
DISTek Makes INC2012 List!

2012-09-05 - DISTek Named an Employer of Choice
DISTek ranked 2nd in annual Employer of Choice awards.

2012-08-29 - DISTek Q3 2012 E-Newsletter
DISTek Q3 2012 E-Newsletter

2012-08-28 - DISTek Makes INC 5000 List
DISTek Integration, Inc. makes it on the 2012 Inc. 500|5000 List

2012-08-27 - DISTek Donates to Eye of the Needle
Over $700 Raised by DISTek Employees to Help Worthy Cause

2012-07-16 - DISTek Celebrating 20 Years
DISTek is celebrating 20 years in business with a year of events.

2012-03-19 - DISTek at Home in Industrial Park
DISTek is at home in the Cedar Falls Industrial Park since 2001.

2012-03-05 - DISTek Encourages Business Growth in Cedar Valley
Business is thriving in the Cedar Valley

2012-01-30 - DISTek Momentum in 2012
DISTek is looking to keep momentum going in 2012.

2012-01-19 - DISTek Announces NI Certifications
DISTek now has 16 NI certifications!

2011-12-19 - DISTek Supports Troops
DISTek contributes money to help send care packages to troops.

2011-11-10 - DISTek a Mathworks Integrator
DISTek Integration, Inc. is now a Mathworks Connections Partner!

2011-09-05 - DISTek Named #1 Employer of Choice
DISTek named Employer of Choice for 3rd year in a row.

2011-08-01 - DISTek Announces New Website
DISTek launches a newly designed website.

2011-05-03 - DISTek at Ag Machinery Conference
DISTek represented at Agriculture Machinery Conference in Waterloo, Iowa.

2010-10-19 - Sandy Sutterer Finalist in TAI Awards
Techology Association of Iowa unveils 2010 award finalists.

2010-09-06 - DISTek Named an Employer of Choice for 2010
DISTek ranked #9 in Cedar Valley Employers of Choice

2009-09-07 - DISTek Named an Employer of Choice for 2009
DISTek ranked 3rd in 2009 Employers of Choice.

2009-04-14 - DISTek Offers Business Plan Competition
Carthage development office offers business plan competition.

2009-04-01 - UNI and DISTek Cooperate on Solar Energy Research
DISTek teams with UNI to create organic solar cell test system.

2008-06-20 - DISTek Awarded Expansion Grant
DISTek expands office with help from State of Iowa grant.

2008-06-03 - $9,000 to Benefit Storm Victims
DISTek matching grant raises $9,000 for American Red Cross.

Featured DISTek Expert



Technical Strengths:

Test Systems Engineering, Industrial Automation, Hydraulics, Electro-Hydraulic Control Systems, Reliability Engineering, Quality Engineering, Electronics, Mechanical Systems, Sensor Technologies, PAC's, PLC's

Past Experience

20+yrs as a Test Systems Engineer for various industries and Regional Reliability Laboratories Management for a Fortune 500 Company.

DISTek Employee Since:


What I love about my job:

The broad range of project technologies that I get exposed to at DISTek call on and expand the technical strengths I've attained over my career. As technology grows, engineers are challenged with coming up with new ways to test their products. Designing the test solutions for these products is an extremely rewarding experience.

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