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Anonymous quotes from our 2015 employee survey...

"I work for great people, and a company that I 100% believe in. I want to grow at DISTek, and by doing so it's success will also be my success."

"DISTek is diversifying into products (as opposed to services)--this allows engineers to exercise our creative potential for our own product, and enables us to deliver value to the company by working smarter as opposed to working more/longer."

"It is very much a "we" at DISTek. We work with each other rather than for the company. That tone is set by the people we have, our management, and the way we work together."

"As a small company without too many ladders, it is much easier to access management which makes me feel that any efforts I make to be productive is noticed appropriately."

"I appreciate being able to rely on my co-workers for support and knowing that they can rely on me. We are a team."

"I am encouraged to mentor and share my knowledge and expertise."

"My manager gives me enough autonomy to do my job without introducing unnecessary hurdles while also providing help when I need it."

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Technical Strengths:

Avionics mechanics, systems engineering

Specialty Application Area

BS-Software Engineering, AA-Electronics Engineering, Certified LabVIEW Architect, Certified Professional Instructor, LabVIEW Champion

Past Experience

Avionics mechanics, systems engineering.

DISTek Employee Since:


What I love about my job:

At DISTek, I am part of a variety of different projects, which keeps me constantly learning and applying different practices to new challenges. In addition, I am part of complete processes, from architecting a new test system to implementing it and training customers on their new interface.

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