May the Fourth be with YOU!

Have you ever wished you were a Jedi with the power of the force such that with the wave of your hand, droids would fall backward?  I created a simple LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robot to provide that power to anyone.  This LEGO robot with the program I call “The Force” has been a hit among children at STEM fairs.  The primary reason for developing this robot was to entice youth to get excited about FIRST® LEGO League, but more importantly, get excited about STEM.  The Star Wars connection helps get the conversation started.  I have had the pleasure of watching young children, especially preschool children, wave their hand and watch the robot go backwards, then turn to their parent(s) all proud with the look that asks “Did you just see what I did?”  This video captures some of that amazement by a future DISTekian.  It is my hope that with the combination of Star Wars and LEGO robots (two of my passions), children will get the desire to pursue STEM careers. Maybe the science fiction of Star Wars will become reality someday through one of the youth inspired by this LEGO robot.

Happy Star Wars Day!  May the Fourth Be With You.


About Shawn Pezley

Shawn is a Project Engineer and has been with DISTek Integration since 2002. Projects Shawn has worked on include: Implementation of a sequence control embedded system prototype (ISO 11783-14); development of embedded software within a virtual terminal that met ISO 11783-6 standard; systems level responsibility for in-vehicle displays; automated test systems for testing of products such as paging base stations, two-way radios, satellite phones, latches, and medical research in development and manufacturing environments. Shawn is experienced in C, C#, LabVIEW, TestStand, LabWindows/CVI, Visual Basic, CAN, SAE J1939, and ISO 11783 parts 6 & 14.

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