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Intro to Modeling & Simulation - Mathworks’ MATLAB®, Simulink®, & Stateflow®

This 2-day course is intended for beginner level users of modeling tools with experience in software development. The goal of this class is to provide a basic introduction to Simulink and Stateflow block sets, applying them to implement basic features.  The class is hands on with demos and examples throughout, ending with more specific, in depth exercises, such as controlling hydraulic cylinders and transmission clutches. Best practices and MAB guidelines will be employed throughout the training. 

Topics include:

  • Modeling mathematical equations
  • Modeling logical equations
  • Model Architecture using subsystems, libraries, & model reference
  • Understanding the Mask, Model, & Base Workspaces
  • Interfacing into Simulink
  • Fixed-Point Overview
  • Code Generation & Model Configuration Overview
  • Unit Testing

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Class EE+OHE

Electrical Engineering & Off-Highway Embedded Primer

This is a short course designed to train professionals in a variety of electrical topics that affect off-highway embedded systems. Whether you’d like to enhance the skill-set of your staff or simply sharpen key integrators, this course presents an introduction to the following topics:

Topics include:

  • Physical electrical phenomena
  • Electrical sources & grounding
  • Schematics & components
  • Datasheets & harness drawings
  • Serial buses
  • Electrical test & measurement equipment
  • Analog & digital systems
  • Microcontrollers
  • Wire & connectors
  • Vehicle components
  • Inverters & converters for hybrid systems & electric machines

Key Course Benefits

  • Enhance electrical background of systems, mechanical, & hydraulics engineers
  • Improve ability to interface with electrical suppliers
  • Become aware of issues before working on an electrical system
  • Raise the bar of software engineers to understand needs of embedded, ruggedized targets
  • Develop capabilities of V&V engineers to reduce destructive testing & downtime

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Senior Test Engineer

Technical Strengths:

Test Systems Engineering, Industrial Automation, Hydraulics, Electro-Hydraulic Control Systems, Reliability Engineering, Quality Engineering, Electronics, Mechanical Systems, Sensor Technologies, PAC's, PLC's

Past Experience

20+yrs as a Test Systems Engineer for various industries and Regional Reliability Laboratories Management for a Fortune 500 Company.

DISTek Employee Since:


What I love about my job:

The broad range of project technologies that I get exposed to at DISTek call on and expand the technical strengths I've attained over my career. As technology grows, engineers are challenged with coming up with new ways to test their products. Designing the test solutions for these products is an extremely rewarding experience.

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