of farming communication

VIRTEC provides an off-the-shelf software solution conforming to the ISO 11783 standard while allowing full customization of OEM applications.





ISOBUS was born out of the reality that farmers often use tractors from one manufacturer with implements from another. Using different electronic systems, each tractor and implement combination requires an individual terminal in the cab for control and display of information. That's like needing to buy different TVs for your DVD player, cable box, and game system.




VIRTEC offers flexibility that other solutions do not. VIRTEC is integrated into your electronics and can be customized to meet your needs. Unlike open source or other proprietary solutions, VIRTEC licensing terms have no royalties and provide full protection for your intellectual property. VIRTEC is available as a software library that can be integrated by itself, or as part of a fully customized control solution. With VIRTEC you will Make Your Implement Color Blind.®

Simply put:

VIRTEC is your best source for ISOBUS connectivity, scalability and reliability on the market today.

Now is your chance to provide your customers with the ISO standard that's raising the bar.

Connect with the future of precision farming.

"As a 4th generation farmer I have grown up watching technology change for agriculture. With ISOBUS I can make changes on the fly and that's important in our operation. We don't get paid on "almost" and the time saved using ISOBUS gets us to market faster, more reliably and with less hassle."

Justin Teymeyer, Teymeyer Farms

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Software Engineer / Project Manager

Technical Strengths:

Embedded Systems, C, Ada, Perl, CAN, ISOBUS 11783, SAE J1939

Past Experience

Embedded software development in avionics industry. Driver development & maintenance for custom embedded operating system in the Off-Highway industry. Technical lead for ISO 11783-6, 10, 13, & 14.

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What I love about my job:

I love working for a small business that invests in me & my family and where everyone takes care of each other. I'm thankful to have the opportunity to work with amazing engineers who are always willing to lend a helping hand & mentorship. I've grown to really appreciate that the solutions we work on, while not always hip & trendy, are the solutions to difficult tasks and our expertise & ability to problem solve is something to be admired.

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